RESONANCE Episode-One - Epilogue

London: February 11th 2007. We open in the kitchen at a party. 'Good times'.

A man in his early 30s - Hill - is explaining to a friend the reason for the party. A spectacular bit of luck...

We track out with the man as he enters the garden through french windows. At the end of the garden is a basketball court and a large summer house. There are some people shooting penalties in the court by floodlight. Someone has just got 12 in a row...

In the summer house there is a game of doubles-pool and some darts being played - killer. Everyone welcomes Hill warmly. He walks past the darts game, declines the offer to join in, sits down on a weights bench and begins to skin up.

The music suddenly stops and there is a groan and some shouts:

"Burrows! What are you doing? I love that tune! We hadn't even got to the chorus..."

Burrows (with a trace of drunkeness):

"Fuck off. I'm playing a tune. Hill loves this tune and I want to play it for him"

More groans, but they are roundly ignored by Burrows and after a small delay 'Scattered Black and Whites' starts.

It's not a party tune and before long everyone else focuses back on their games, but the camera focuses in on Hill. There's an otherworldly sense to the sound. Voices start to back off and the music starts to dominate. On the line:

'And that's what triggered this'