If condensed, the story of how TV shows get to transmission can be pretty interesting. The actors, writers, directors, producers, financiers, distributors and literally hundreds of other contributors all have stories. Some of them are interesting. Some not so much. 


If you have at your disposal, a brilliant writers room engaged in bringing a universe building sci-fi drama to the screens of the world, then telling the story of how it got made can be made even more engaging.


And useful. 


When cameras are focused on decisions those decisions tend to be less selfish. At the heart of Resonance is a desire to change how power is held accountable. Transparency is key. In 2024 we will show how we’ve reached the conclusions that form the basis of our constitution. 


The Evolution will be televised. 


It’s already an amazing, almost unbelievable, story. The things that have happened. The characters they’ve happened to. And we’ve not ever got to the interesting bit. The bit where our story changes the world. The bit where your story changes the world...


You choose.


We choose.


The Evolution will be televised.